So I am finished my second full day of work at the CIRPC and it has been the first-day-getting-acquainted funstuff. Since I will be working on the project on the island of American Samoa, I have been reading the 2003 report that the CIRPC did for the Dept of Labor. It is not a bad read, and is fairly interesting with its information about the island and the tuna industry. Tuna accounts for 1/3 of the workforce on the island, the government is a third and everything else completes the other 3rd.

American Samoa Flag
I love the two big windows at my desk. I am going to have to bring in some plants to enjoy the sunlight. I just noticed that there is a bird feeder attached to the tree outside. So maybe I will be able to se some wildlife other than the college students roaming around. Speaking of wildlife, I had a bum ask me to buy a heater for $5 that was very similar to the heater that I saw in the trash when we went to lunch. Hmmmmm? Coincidence?

I am getting ready for the Olympics. I have printed out my TV schedule and am going to go through and highlight the stuff that I want to see. I’ll pretty much watch the gold medal event for all the sports, but there are a few sports that I want to see all the heats and other medal contests. The big ones for me will be the men’s and women’s marathon, plus triathlon. I enjoy all the track and field events and swimming. I don’t mind the gymnastics that much or obscure sports such as the walking or handball.

I have a feeling that my trip to America Samoa is going to fall at the same time of the Richmond Marathon. But, I do not know the exact dates as of yet, so perhaps, I can still make it. If I can?t make it there a few marathons that I have slated as replacements:

12/11Huntsville Times Rocket City Marathon Hunstville, AL
1/9 Disney World Marathon Orlando, FL
or maybe even
12/ 4 St. Jude Memphis Marathon Memphis, TN


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