Got a JOB

Eric is now 13 months! Wow, where has the time gone? We will be posting a boppy picture with him soon over on his site, plus I’ll have some new albums up. I need to reorganize the links a little.

As for the job prospect. I no longer need to worry because I am EMPLOYED! Yay, I start tomorrow, but let me tell you what has gone on this week. My last Blog took me from the interview in Oak Ridge. I had an interview at UT on Monday, which went well. I had a good feeling that they would offer me the job. On Tuesday, I received an offer from UT that was even more money than I had expected, but considerably less than what I imagined Oak Ridge would offer me. On Tuesday, Oak Ridge wanted me to come in on Friday, but I told them that I needed to make a decision by Thursday, so they scheduled me to come in on Thursday morning. This left Wednesday an empty day, with nothing else to do but THINK about which job to take. I really appreciate all those who heard me go on and on about the two jobs. There truely was no clear cut favorite, the Oak Ridge money was nice, but the statistics at UT was also attractive. It eventually came down to “which job would have the most pontential regret, if I didn’t take it.” I ended up choosing UT, because I thought that even though I would be very happy at Oak Ridge, I would regret not taking a job with Statistics since I already had been in the nuclear field. So, I now work at the Construction Industry Research and Policy Center. I’ll up date more later, when I get more information. I do know there might be a trip to the South Pacific…

Marathon training has been going well. Although I am not running my schedule to the letter, I am getting the mileage in. On Friday, there was a 7 mile trail run at Haw Ridge, I was only supposed to do 2 miles that day and 10 on Saturday, but I ran the race with Marty and Solange Velas and took Saturday as a recovery day. I actually needed that day because the course was a little brutal in some places. Although I am going to go out there again, especially before the Big South Fork 17.5 mile race in October.

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