I guess that I should not let another month go by without any blog update. I guess the biggest thing I should update you on is my job search. I still do not have one. Experian told me no, which isn’t too much of a bad thing. I don’t really want to move from the area. I am signed up to be a tutor at UT for the athletic department, so I will be bringing a small amount of money. Unfortunately, I do not have any clients at the time. I guess summer school isn’t as hard… hee hee. I have applied for a number of jobs in the area, some just a short term horizon and some with a little bit longer horizon.

Let’s see now… Let’s go with Eric. Zoom Zoom is now over 1 year old. It is unbelievable how much children grow over a year. It is really phenomenal. Now that he is rugged enough to play with, I am enjoying playing with him and getting him to laugh hysterically. He is really starting to repeat sounds and gestures. For example, he has the wave for “bye-bye” but not the words, but if you make noises, he will try to make those same noises. And he Mobile! He is all over the place. Once he realizes that walking is faster, he will be a mad man. He’s still a good baby, er, toddler in that his demeanor is good when he is alone. He sometimes gets cranky, but that is usually a precursor to either sleep or food.

Now on to Running. Running was going great right up until July. In june I was running twice a week and making some good long runs. Since the Fireball Classic (7-3) I have run not ONCE. If I am going to run the Richmond Marathon, my training would start on August 1st, giving me enough time to get in shape. I would like to start Aug 1st not sucking wind because I am out of shape. With us going to Dallas at the end of the month, I am not sure how that is going to work out. We will see. I also added pictures from the Trideltathon 2004 featuring Gray Lipford and his 2nd consecutive victory. Check it out in my Running section. YAY! I also put up (finally) my Virginia Creeper Marathon blog and some pictures from March 2003!

I have watching the Tour De France religiously the past 11 days. In fact, I even have Jen watching with me and she is learning some biking words, such as Peloton. I am supporting Lance this year, I would like to see him break the record with 6 consecutive wins at The Tour. I am wearing the yellow band as show of support for the Lance Armstrong Foundation for Cancer.

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