Expo 10k

Just finished the Knoxville Expo 10k in a time of 51:53. I had really wanted to be less than 51:11 to break my PR for that race. I was running in memoriam of a 3 year old that was killed on 05/19. Hunter was killed in a car wreck and his mom is a Mary Kay consultant who Jen knows. I made a shirt in his honor, I hoped he liked it.

Still no word on the job front, seems like everytime I find something good in Knoxville, it gets taken up. Sheesh. I have started a home business, which will be a supplimental income, after a find a job. More on that later.

I put some pictures up for the Myrtle Beach Marathon and for the Mardi Gras Marathon. You can get to those via the running link above.


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