No License

I have been unemployed for 3 days now, well 5 if you consider Sat and Sunday.

Jen said that I should share this because she thought it was rather humorous. On Sunday we went to a funeral for one of Jen’s fellow consultant 3 year old who was killed in a car wreck. Well, we were late for funeral and I was hauling Xterra butt to get to the church, right when I passed a cop. I knew that he had me, but , no lights came on and no pursuit in progress.

After the funeral, we went to the grocery store, when I discovered my license was missing, so it was a good thing that I was not stopped, because this is why I did not have it: “Sorry, officer, I know that I was speeding, but we are really late for a funeral. I don’t have my license with me, because I needed it to register online for unemployment.” (By the Way, they denied my unemployment claim).

As for the job search, I just had a phone interview with Experian in Atlanta. I am going to send out my resume to three of the local community colleges for adjunct faculty. Other than that, no real leads.


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