That was April

I must say that my April was very busy on all fronts. School was very taxing this month. I had my Master’s project presentation, my Time Series project in addition to normal homework. The few things I have for the next week is to finish writing the paper to my Master’s project and the in-class portion of my Time Series class. That is it! Then I will be graduatin on Friday May 7th at 6pm on campus. I will awarded a Master of Science in Statistics and that should be with one of the Laude’s attached to it.

My time series project was to take a data set and analyze it using the methodologies that we studied in class. The data set that I chose was near and dear to me: it was data on the number of miles that I ran during a month for the time period of Jan 1999 to Mar 2004. What I found out was that the best model was a complicated model that invloved 3 different models. Results of the project suggest that I should run about 200 miles through Sept of this year.

Speaking of running, I completed the Trideltathon on Apr 25th with Gray Lipford. He beat me once again, so he has me 2-1 in overall victories. Maybe next year. I am not sure what my running schedule is going to be since I am looking for a job at the present moment. I figure that I have a few more runs here, if we eventually move. Regardless, I want to do a fall marathon. I think that if we are here that I’ll do the Richmond Marathon. That way everyone in Va will have the oppurtunity to come see Eric.

Since I have been very busy with school, I have not had a lot of job leads. I do have a good lead in Atlanta right now with a UT person who was a year ahead of me. When I get more information, I will pass it on.


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