End of March

A couple weeks go by and I get another chance to update my website. Actually, a lot has happened since my last entry and I will try to give a short update of what transpired.

We went to Atlanta the weekend of March 13th for Jen’s Mary Kay. The trip went real well, Eric was a little under the weather, and he actually had two ear infections, but he is so well tempered that it didn’t really affect him. The next weekend we went to Orlando. That was a much longer trip, but we did break it up over a few days. As a result of that trip, I came down with something nasty. The doctor’s don’t know what I had, but it wasn’t Mono or Strep. I think it may have been some sort of sinus thingy that was kicking my butt all over the place. I am better now, although I was out of commission for a number of day last week.

Since our trips and illnesses, I have done no running. This week, I am doing the Spring Sprint in Alcoa. This race is part of the Ruby Tuesday Triple Crown of Running. I figure if there is a chance that I will be in Knoxville after graduation, that I should go ahead and do this race. Plus, I need to get into shape for the Trideltathon this year, I must beat Gray.

No real news on the jobs front. If you see any postings for Statisiticians, please email them to me. I would be most appreciative. Well, back to some school work…


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