This semester is flying! I am getting my first test today for my Time Series class today which will be due on Friday. Spring break is only 3 weeks away. I am starting to look/apply for jobs, man this is crazy. Also, I got a letter stating that I passed both comp exams and that I am ready to graduate!

I ran the Strawplains 1/2 marathon this past Saturday with Solange. She is training for the Country Music Marathon on April 25th. I get to provide some coaching while getting some good mileage in for myself. Solange broke a bunch of her PR times this past weekend. Go Solange! As for me, I do not have any marathon plans this spring. I would like to make one, but I do not think that I will be able to do one. I might be able to make something in the fall, but since we are unsure where we will be, I will have to play that by ear.

Eric has been doing pretty well. He does have a little bit of a fever right now, but it will pass. There is a stomach virus running through daycare right now, so he probably has a mild version of it. He is getting heavier by the day, my goodness! He is outgrowing his 6-12 clothes and now is really ready for the 12 month clothes, but we have little to no 12 month warm clothes. All of the clothes we inherited we got from Brian and Will (nephews) and they live in Myrtle Beach, which is considerably warmer. So we are having buy a few things. Once the yard sales get going maybe we can get some stuff from there.


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