Maybe Calhoun's

Two weeks after that soccer game that I mentioned before, my knee is final on the way to recovery. It still has to scab, but since I have been coating it with Neosporin as much as I can, the scab is very thin and pliable. Something good for the joint that moves alot! I haven’t played soccer since or for that matter, run.

This past weekend was a big weekend for Jen P and her Mary Kay business. She was presented with her Red Jacket and a couple of her recruits had their debuts and skin classes. It was busy but we all made it.

Classes are going fine now, we are into the semester and the homework is flowing. So far nothing too bad, We’ll probably have our first test sometime in February but no date is set.

I am still thinking about running the Calhoun’s 10 miler tomorrow. I hope to run with Solange because she’ll keep me from burning myself out. If I don’t pace with her then I’ll run too fast and then I will bonk at mile 5 or 6. I have only run twice this January. The first run was 10 miles, the second was 6.6 miles. So I have run some distances but the time in between means everything, there was too much time

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