Back to the Carbs

I am now older than I have even been… and now I’m even older… and now I’m even older. My birthday went pretty well, I got some really cool gifts and a chocolate cake…. Mmmmmm chocolate cake! Eric was also baptised on my birthday as well, you can check out the pictures on his site.

I ran a local 5k race this past weekend and saw some improvement over my previous race. After talking with Gray, he seems to conjecture that my times may be lacking because I have lost muscle in the new diet I have been doing. With that said, I think for the next 2 weeks, I will be increasing my Carb intake to 150g per day or somewhere close to that. Hopefully, with my exercise level increasing, my body can use the carbs without transforming them into fat. I would love to keep the weight that I am right now, I just have to eat better than I did in the past. I better go ahead and upload this… it’s 2pm and I am going to go RUN!


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