preSummer Update

05/14/03 It has been a while since I have made an update. By the time that I got better, the end of the semester was upon me and then exams. I was inundated with tons of work and studying that I did not have a chance to update this site, at all! I am so glad that this semester is over. It was a very intense and it seemed like it took forever. I ended up getting a B+ (Theory pt2), A (Regression) and a B (Design of Experiments). SO even though I did not get straight As, I am still very pleased about my grades. Again, I still have a higher overall GPA then I did at Longwood or UVa. I have now started one of my two summer internships/jobs. This one is the Statistic Consulting Center which is located on UT and supports all the University Campuses on questions about statistics. Some as basic as loading software, but some more in depth regarding dissertation research.

The other position is with TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) where I will be working in the same workgroup as Jen P. I have to wait until June to start because TVA still has to process my paperwork, you know, know that I am a safe individual. The baby is getting big, I can easily feel him when he is using Jen as a punching bag. I can’t distinguish body parts yet, but I think I will be able to closer to the end of the pregnancy. We got a 3d ultrasound of him almost two weeks ago. The picture is up on the baby’s side, check it out. We start Lamaze tonight. You all that breathing exercises and such. I have seen Bill Cosby Himself many times, maybe I don’t need to actually go! PUSH HIM OUT SHOVE HIM OUT, WAYYYYYY OUT!!!

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