4 inches

Another fine day here in the East Tennessee Area. The weather will be slightly cloudy with a slight breeze as the temperature is a delightful 75 degrees. Ah, Spring is in the air.

That was NOT the case this Sunday in Abington, Virginia! Ha! There was 4 inches of snow, the wet sticky kind, where you can build giant snowmen! Mother Nature was having a little fun for the Virginia Creeper Marathon this past Sunday. I hope to have some good pictures of the conditions of the race in my marathon review, when I get it put up on the website.

Jen P’s birthday was on Saturday and for her birthday we went to the ARCOTS conference in Johnson City, TN. This conference was for the teaching of statistics at the college level and included different ways to explain concepts and ideas using tradition and innovative techniques. Although the speakers were very good they were not given enough time for their presentations and so there was a lot of information left out. Hopefully that will be changed in the future.

School is going well. This past week has been fairly calm. But I have to gear up because this Friday, my 251 class is having a test and then next Thursday my 201 class is having their test. So mega-grading. I will still have my own homework to do up until exam time. This definitely was the hardest semester. YIKES!

Anyway, I have to run to get some more school work done. I am feeling the baby kick much more often and I can even see him kick every once and a while.

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