I pulled my Hamstring playing soccer on May 3rd, rested for about two weeks, then reinjured it. About 2 weeks later I ran a 10k which was perfect except for the last 5 yards and re-reinjured. Rested for a bit, started conditioning again for soccer, played and re-re-reinjured my hamstring. So now I have an appointment for the doctor on June 27th, so my whole racing/training schedule is in Limbo. I am hoping that I will not miss Richmond 2001. When the diagnosis comes in, I will let you know.

I went to the doctor yesterday and he suggested physical therapy. Which is not too outlandish since I feel fine when I begin to get back into exercise and then I reinjure my leg. So whatever is wrong, it must be internal, pretty far too since I can not press on my leg to find any soreness. So now I have to schedule an appointment for therapy, but I may be up and running (no pun intended) by the end of July for Marathon training on August 1st.


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