Richmond Marathon 1999

Training Motto: Do Not Feed
In November 1999, I ran the Richmond Marathon is 4 hrs, 15 min and 55 sec. (officially). What a challenge that was! I did survive with little pain and discomfort, one huge blister and some tight muscles. I was running great, especially for the 1st 1/2 of the marathon. Mile-7 came quickly, the 13.1 marker was a nice sight. I was set finish right around 3:45 and then I hit my “wall” at mile 17 and it went down from there. I slowly made it to Mile-21, where I decided to WALK-AND-DRINK as much as I could through the water chutes. Then somewhere around mile 22, my friend Gray (like the color) found me on the course and ran in with me. After running 20+ miles, when your body wants you to stop, it sure was nice to have someone to help you along. As I got closer and closer to the finish line, I could hear people cheering (for all runners) but I could only focus on that finish line. The last few yards to the line, I was bookin’-it, with a serious case of tunnel vision. Once across the line, Jen was waiting for me, what a great thing to see. I have already signed up for the 2000 marathon in Richmond and training started July 17th. I am anticipating that I will finish somewhere between 3:55 – 4:10 hours.


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